The last of us ( Game)

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The last of us is a video game developed by Naughty Dog. It’s a action, adventure, survival horror game. Thought I wasn’t really scared much playing it. And just this week we completed it! It was an interesting play, with a good plot ( I love games with plot). It’s plot, focussed more on the way humans would act if there was a zombie apocalypse; in need for food, water, supplies, etc. so throughout the game Joel and Ellie, the main characters, ended up killing more humans than zombies ( runners and clickers as they call them in the game). The whole goal of the game was to bring Ellie to the Fireflies ( a type of militia rebel group) because she is imune to the virus. 



When I first started the game I knew that Joel would get attached to Ellie because she reminds him of his own daughter who dies in the beginning of the game. What’s interesting with their relationship is that they trust each other despite beings strangers ( you know what they say; danger has a way of bringing people together. Actually I don’t think that’s the saying but whatever.). 

Apart from the plot, the graphics are pretty darn amaizing. 

I’m not really a gamer, I only go for games with plot, so I don’t know much to say about games but when people play this game they’ll see how fun it is though. It’s like a movie that you star in as the main character. You make the decisions ( ish). Though unlike the real life you are able to redo some things.