Day 2 Challenge: Tokyo Ghoul And Fushigi Yûgi

Anime, Fushigi Yûgi, Tokyo Ghoul

There are many animes I really really like. But when it comes to the one I feel like I could call my favourite anime I have a tie between Tokyo Ghoul and Fushigi Yûgi! 



Both plots, in my opinion are pretty interesting and with the characters and their respected roles they make great memories and stories. 

Sure Fushigi Yûgi is more concentrated on romance and Tokyo Ghoul seem more into the horror flesh eating. But still, I can’t choose between the two. Even if the song of Fushigi Yûgi is super catchy to me, Kanekis mask is super amaizing and with his white hair he’s so GAH!!! Amazingly evil looking ( I have a thing for white hair like that). So even then I can’t choose.