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So Aquarions tenth anniversary is coming up and for this, they have decided to make yet another one! 

After Sōsei no Aquarion I believed there would be a better one that would reunite Sylvia and Apollo, Appolonius and Celiane after all this time! Alas, Aquarion Evol was released. I enjoyed the graphics and the music. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t get enough of Paradoxical ZOO for a month. But the story killed the first one, in my opinion. It was like Sōsei no Aquarion was just like the Old Testement in the bible. Too many things have changed even the apparent reincarnation of Appollonius has changed since Apollo was actually the reincarnation of a dog ( makes sense with the way he acted in the first one) but that means that Celiane really does not know who her lovers soul really is. It breaks my idealistic thought of love being eternal thought I do believe that no matter fate can be broken. 



Apart from that, I hated Amata. I liked his other half, Kagura, way better. Probably because he reminded me more of Apollo than Amata. But despite that fact, Amata still annoyed me. I thought he was weak, like a cry baby. He felt like a wall to me. The perfect blank page of nothingness.  Mikono wasn’t good either. But I could forgive her because Kagura felt attraction to her. 


God I hated this moment. 

Anyways. I hope that this new Aquarion will create better main characters who are strong one way or another and have ups and downs ( real one) and aren’t self pitying ( a characteristic I hate in characters). 

Tho I have to say that the main girl Maia looks like a combo of Zessica and Mikono. 

I also feel kinda excited that there’s a kid that’s going to be there! She looks cute and feisty like Sylvia. 

Other than that I’m hoping for the aquari-gasms. I never get tired of those. 


New characters:   

New Aquarion:


Well guys. Get excited and hopes up! It begins in July!

Check out the video for the trailer

【PV】アクエリオンロゴス 第1弾プロモーション映像