Day 2 Challenge: Tokyo Ghoul And Fushigi Yûgi

Anime, Fushigi Yûgi, Tokyo Ghoul

There are many animes I really really like. But when it comes to the one I feel like I could call my favourite anime I have a tie between Tokyo Ghoul and Fushigi Yûgi! 



Both plots, in my opinion are pretty interesting and with the characters and their respected roles they make great memories and stories. 

Sure Fushigi Yûgi is more concentrated on romance and Tokyo Ghoul seem more into the horror flesh eating. But still, I can’t choose between the two. Even if the song of Fushigi Yûgi is super catchy to me, Kanekis mask is super amaizing and with his white hair he’s so GAH!!! Amazingly evil looking ( I have a thing for white hair like that). So even then I can’t choose. 



Day 1 challenge: Inuyasha!

30 Day Challenge, Anime, Inuyasha

okay so I’m doing a 30 day challenge! The first is the first anime I watch and it is Inuyasha( at least it’s what I have the earliest memory of). 


Inuyasha was really sweet when I was young. It was my first romance – before I didn’t like romance. I liked only action – it actually made me get into Shōjō. 

I had to say I was frustrated when the series ended at episode 167, but they then made final act which I didn’t watch ( I never felt the need) but I did read the last manga chapter. 

Nowadays I don’t class Inuyasha as my favourite, but it still earns major nostalgia points. 

Animes From Childhood : Gundam Seed

Anime, Gundam Seed


Gundam Seed was my favourite show when I was young. It had action, characters with their own beliefs, conflict, friendship, love and fighting; all the things I love. I also believe that the plot was pretty good. Thought I haven’t watched any other Gundam show. Which I probably should. 


For Gundam see thought, I was totally in love with it at a child.  Sure, it’s not until later that I notice that Kira is an idiot sometimes, mostly when it concerns Flay, and he is a slight black page, but that didn’t stop me from liking Kira better than almost anyone ( except for Mu, Diarka, Mirialia and first season Cagalli.). 

I use to always stay up late just to watch Gundam Seed and other anime. Once I remember calling my friend as I watched it, almost completely ignoring her because I was so into it. Thought I didn’t only like it because of Kira and the plot thought. I liked it also because of the amaizing quotes ( Lacus had the best ones) and For me, one of the reasons I liked this anime is that it’s a war and people died. It made sense and made me tear up for some deaths ( Cagalli’s dad anybody!) but I have to say some deaths made me happy. Like Flays. I hated her a lot when I was young. She was so mean to Kira whom I loved so much and used him, despite having actual feelings for him. Flat represented what I believe I good bitch character is. One that is barely forgivable but plays an important role in the life of the main character. 

Other than the characters, what made the anime whole, in my opinion, was the music. It was pretty darn beautiful! I used to sing along to the OP’s is and Endings. My favourite was the ending song. 

This ending always made my heart beat. Even now it’s on my phone. The nostalgia takes me away to a time of dreams. 



Anime, Aquarion

So Aquarions tenth anniversary is coming up and for this, they have decided to make yet another one! 

After Sōsei no Aquarion I believed there would be a better one that would reunite Sylvia and Apollo, Appolonius and Celiane after all this time! Alas, Aquarion Evol was released. I enjoyed the graphics and the music. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t get enough of Paradoxical ZOO for a month. But the story killed the first one, in my opinion. It was like Sōsei no Aquarion was just like the Old Testement in the bible. Too many things have changed even the apparent reincarnation of Appollonius has changed since Apollo was actually the reincarnation of a dog ( makes sense with the way he acted in the first one) but that means that Celiane really does not know who her lovers soul really is. It breaks my idealistic thought of love being eternal thought I do believe that no matter fate can be broken. 



Apart from that, I hated Amata. I liked his other half, Kagura, way better. Probably because he reminded me more of Apollo than Amata. But despite that fact, Amata still annoyed me. I thought he was weak, like a cry baby. He felt like a wall to me. The perfect blank page of nothingness.  Mikono wasn’t good either. But I could forgive her because Kagura felt attraction to her. 


God I hated this moment. 

Anyways. I hope that this new Aquarion will create better main characters who are strong one way or another and have ups and downs ( real one) and aren’t self pitying ( a characteristic I hate in characters). 

Tho I have to say that the main girl Maia looks like a combo of Zessica and Mikono. 

I also feel kinda excited that there’s a kid that’s going to be there! She looks cute and feisty like Sylvia. 

Other than that I’m hoping for the aquari-gasms. I never get tired of those. 


New characters:   

New Aquarion:


Well guys. Get excited and hopes up! It begins in July!

Check out the video for the trailer

【PV】アクエリオンロゴス 第1弾プロモーション映像

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso


There’s one anime I see many posts about. One anime that merges beautiful art, music and adolescence together. I actually watched it till the end and enjoyed it along the way. And I’ve mostly been a fan of things with a lot of fantasy and a lot of place to dream except if it was more of less typical but Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso was fairly special.

This anime seems to touch everyone’s heart in one way or another; it could be about Kousei’s past, Kaori’s current situation, Bittersweet love, Love of music or any other thing. The combination of all these things into one story could seem much but in this beautiful show it isn’t.

It gives off a atmosphere of dreams that anything is possible and that time is limited so try hard and live in the moment because it won’t last forever. At least that’s what I feel. That’s why this is a good watch for anyone of any age! Sure not everyone will enjoy it or like it, because won’t cha know, not everyone is willing to try other types of anime. Surely not Slice of Life. However, because not everyone has a pretty blonde to make them realize that life is short, maybe it would be good to watch this just to gain a bit more of an appreciation on life.

There are many amazing quotes too; that make you feel both melancholic and happy and thankful all at the same time. Those are the types of words I want to be in my own manga and novels. I want words with meaning and foundation which support the art in its beauty and happiness. I want that emotional roller coaster that some people fear. And even if I close my eyes sometimes I want to see those train wrecks that turn into something much more than a bad situation!

Anyways, I’m getting off topic.

It’s not the most exciting anime ever, but this anime causes tears and smiles and more. But even so it’s an anime you can think about. Ask a lot of why’s. Sometimes you want to scream that life is not fair! And wish to be talented at something( though you have to work hard even if you’re talented). But most importantly the happiness you’ll feel as you watch this slice of life. Plus it might bring back memories of a childhood love. Though sometimes it feels nice to just be the characters and let it sink in; All the emotions.

Plus, Kousei, as a character really grew because of Kaori. She was his light and that’s what she wanted to become from him. She made him take chances like jumping off of a bridge (not in a bad way) without being forced like the first time when he was with Tsubaki.

It’s just great like that.

Thought the ending is something that really tore up the Kokoro. Everyone at some point probably expected her to actually live. So did I, at some point, but because of my horrible power of predicting the inevitable I knew that it wasn’t going to be so.

When I saw that she had died I was sad but also relieved but also angry.

*Sad because she died and my ship didn’t sail fully.

*Relieved because it wasn’t cliché with a bs reason why she survived which might have ruined the whole point of the series ( in my opinion)  and a bit because my powers were right. The last show that I remember nullifying my power was Tokyo Mew Mew. In my defense, I didn’t expect much from Aoyama! Geez, it was no fair.

*Angry because they both loved each other all this time and they weren’t an item. It was interesting and sad and agrivating. I mean, I know she loved him and not Watari. It was fairly obvious. But I wanted more from them together.

It’s okay though… Even if they aren’t together Kaori is permanently engraved on Kousei’s heart. She wants it that way too. She pored out her love for him; all that time that she knew she was dying she tried to help him and give him hope again which brought about something beautiful. She didn’t leave him without anything left to live for. She actually never left him at all. Even in the end. As cliché as it may sound she will always live in his heart as the person he probably loves the most.

Was I able to live inside someone’s heart? Was I able to live inside your heart? Do you think you’ll remember me at least a little? You’d better not hit “reset!” Don’t forget me, okay? That’s a promise, okay? I’m glad it’s you, after all. Will I reach you? I hope I can reach you.
– Miyazono, Kaori

Kuroko no Basuke S3 Ep 11 Anticipation

Anime, Kuroko no Basuke

Well, well, well. Kaijō vs Seirin is getting more and more serious by the second ( or sometimes millisecond). Even though I have read the manga, watching the anime makes everything feel so alive. Which I love! Everything feels more intense. 

Now, in the new season of KnB everyone has grown a bit more! 

 Kise – Kun now has perfect copy which he uses to full throttle. Which makes his match with Seirin a pain in the butt for Seirin since he can even copy generation of miracles’ techniques. That I guess kind of makes me mad because it gives Kise no reason to loose agains Seirin — unless it causes his body too much strian —  because he HAS THE POWER OF ALL THE DAMN BAKEMONOS! It would just be plain weird for him to loose. But of course the MC should almost always come on top mostly in something as important as the Winter Cup, plus Kiyoshi Teppei ( one of my favourite non GofM’s) will be leaving them after the Winter cup, so this game is something they simply cannot loose. It’s one thing almost all amines have Dramatic Irony. However, it’s shocking how it doesn’t take anything away from the action and the growth of the character themselves in battle! 

Either way, now the moment of truth in this next episode of KnB! Kise AND Kuroko are back into this battle and their WILL be fireworks!  


Who will come on top *cough* way too obvious for me to even say *cough*? Will anyone cry?! Trust me. I really want to see people cry. Everyone. I want them to cry. Crying because you lost, to me is something really cool, mostly if you love the game. It shows a persons passion and how they really wanted to win.  I love passion. Plus. If it’s a small margin of one point it’s way worse and it makes people want to cry more. Like for Murasakibara’s match!




Anyways, enough of my talking of crying. I believe that one of the most important questions for a non manga reader watching KnB, 

dun dun dun!

Kaijō vs Shūtoku; Kise vs Midorima! Who will win this battle?! And what will Midorima’s lucky item be on that day! 

This match should be very interesting. 

!!!!!!!Spoiler beyond this point!!!!!!!

That is if Kise’s injury doesn’t get in the way of him playing like Aomine’s did in Interhigh. 

Which it sadly will. Gotta wait for another time to see if Kise is the Bakemono of all Bakemonos. 

If he is I could add him to my list.  


  I won’t say you’ll definitely be able to do it if you don’t give up. But if you do give up, then there’ll definitely be nothing.
                              – Aomine Daiki