Animes From Childhood : Gundam Seed

Anime, Gundam Seed


Gundam Seed was my favourite show when I was young. It had action, characters with their own beliefs, conflict, friendship, love and fighting; all the things I love. I also believe that the plot was pretty good. Thought I haven’t watched any other Gundam show. Which I probably should. 


For Gundam see thought, I was totally in love with it at a child.  Sure, it’s not until later that I notice that Kira is an idiot sometimes, mostly when it concerns Flay, and he is a slight black page, but that didn’t stop me from liking Kira better than almost anyone ( except for Mu, Diarka, Mirialia and first season Cagalli.). 

I use to always stay up late just to watch Gundam Seed and other anime. Once I remember calling my friend as I watched it, almost completely ignoring her because I was so into it. Thought I didn’t only like it because of Kira and the plot thought. I liked it also because of the amaizing quotes ( Lacus had the best ones) and For me, one of the reasons I liked this anime is that it’s a war and people died. It made sense and made me tear up for some deaths ( Cagalli’s dad anybody!) but I have to say some deaths made me happy. Like Flays. I hated her a lot when I was young. She was so mean to Kira whom I loved so much and used him, despite having actual feelings for him. Flat represented what I believe I good bitch character is. One that is barely forgivable but plays an important role in the life of the main character. 

Other than the characters, what made the anime whole, in my opinion, was the music. It was pretty darn beautiful! I used to sing along to the OP’s is and Endings. My favourite was the ending song. 

This ending always made my heart beat. Even now it’s on my phone. The nostalgia takes me away to a time of dreams. 


3 thoughts on “Animes From Childhood : Gundam Seed

  1. I liked seeing someone have a different impression. When I watched it the first time, I really liked Flay as a character -manipulative women were “in that year,” here xD. The second time I watched it, when Daisuki had the HD version (~recent), I did enjoy Lacus a lot more. I’ll say, I am sure Lacus had quite a few moving quotes, but I still use a certain quote from Mu at least weekly.

    As for the “only gundam show” comment. I met quite a few people at my last convention that “only watched one Gundam” – people I met with one of my friends that watched a lot of Gundam. Every single time, I replied to them, “Well, there is only one good Gundam and it was Seed.” They smiled, nodded and gave me a high five (and my Gundam Loving Friend looked scornful in the background). My line was a joke to others, but yeah. There are many people in your shoes only having seen this one.

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    1. There’s a new version? I thought that they only wanted to remaster Gundam Seeed Destiny ( which I really didn’t like)
      I use Lacus Quotes a lot. I always seem to integrate them into conversations.
      And I want to watch more Gundam, like Gundam Wing. People tell me it’s really good.


      1. It is early in the morning, but I think what I said about “HD” is close enough to being interpreted as “Remastered Version” as THAT is the one that was on Daisuki.

        Best of luck, anyways.


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