How to Train your Dragon 2

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I am a child at heart; seeing the world and movies and other things innocently.  Apart from being a romantic and a dreamer this is something I will be forever. Yesterday night I realized this once again since my family and I watched The second How to Train your Dragon. And I gotta say, It was pretty amaizing

It’s been eons since I’d watched the first How to Train your Dragon so I can’t compare them with each other. But I can say that the second one gives a lot of backstory. They added two major characters which explain why the people of Berk didn’t like dragons ( I doubted that it was just because they stole livestock) Plus I’d been wondering why Hiccup didn’t have a mom. Usually in what I’ve watched the main character has to not have one parent, or be adopted, or their parents are both dead or they are some type of magical being or etc. And yet another story followed in these footsteps by bringing Hiccups mom back but killing his father in the process. Yes, it’s true that it was needed for Hiccup to become successor because he wouldn’t have taken over otherwise but that was a low blow. It hit the heartstrings; mostly after seeing the love between  Stoick and Valka. Even worse, he was killed by Hiccups best friend. Oh the heartstrings, they burn! 

Of course, despite the painful moments Hiccup came up on top proving that friendship whoops mind controls but! Nakama power is strong in this one. And they all lived happily ever after!  


Tho it really deserves a watch. This movie makes me happy and hope it does the same you others. 

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