Kuroko no Basuke S3 Ep 11 Anticipation

Anime, Kuroko no Basuke

Well, well, well. Kaijō vs Seirin is getting more and more serious by the second ( or sometimes millisecond). Even though I have read the manga, watching the anime makes everything feel so alive. Which I love! Everything feels more intense. 

Now, in the new season of KnB everyone has grown a bit more! 

 Kise – Kun now has perfect copy which he uses to full throttle. Which makes his match with Seirin a pain in the butt for Seirin since he can even copy generation of miracles’ techniques. That I guess kind of makes me mad because it gives Kise no reason to loose agains Seirin — unless it causes his body too much strian —  because he HAS THE POWER OF ALL THE DAMN BAKEMONOS! It would just be plain weird for him to loose. But of course the MC should almost always come on top mostly in something as important as the Winter Cup, plus Kiyoshi Teppei ( one of my favourite non GofM’s) will be leaving them after the Winter cup, so this game is something they simply cannot loose. It’s one thing almost all amines have Dramatic Irony. However, it’s shocking how it doesn’t take anything away from the action and the growth of the character themselves in battle! 

Either way, now the moment of truth in this next episode of KnB! Kise AND Kuroko are back into this battle and their WILL be fireworks!  


Who will come on top *cough* way too obvious for me to even say *cough*? Will anyone cry?! Trust me. I really want to see people cry. Everyone. I want them to cry. Crying because you lost, to me is something really cool, mostly if you love the game. It shows a persons passion and how they really wanted to win.  I love passion. Plus. If it’s a small margin of one point it’s way worse and it makes people want to cry more. Like for Murasakibara’s match!




Anyways, enough of my talking of crying. I believe that one of the most important questions for a non manga reader watching KnB, 

dun dun dun!

Kaijō vs Shūtoku; Kise vs Midorima! Who will win this battle?! And what will Midorima’s lucky item be on that day! 

This match should be very interesting. 

!!!!!!!Spoiler beyond this point!!!!!!!

That is if Kise’s injury doesn’t get in the way of him playing like Aomine’s did in Interhigh. 

Which it sadly will. Gotta wait for another time to see if Kise is the Bakemono of all Bakemonos. 

If he is I could add him to my list.  


  I won’t say you’ll definitely be able to do it if you don’t give up. But if you do give up, then there’ll definitely be nothing.
                              – Aomine Daiki

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